Wednesday, November 24, 2010

We're gonna paint this page red.

I wasn't sure if I still remembered the password to this bleeding thing. You see, it has come to my attention that why have this for pictures and blogging when I already do that on facebook?

I think this will be the place for other thoughts. Or brain spurts. Et cetera. Esprecially for my manic times. Such as now. It's two in the morning, I've taken a handful of sedatives half an hour ago and they usually kick in instantly. Not so! For tonight in such fatastical weather. It's beautiful outside. The sky is a dark mauve with some blushy pink and dabs of grey all reflected from the untouched snow...well, I think I hear my neighbor shoveling [almost said 'shaving'...weird...], so not untouched anymore.

Now I need to assemble my winter music. Can't say I'm one for most carols [except "Ave Maria, "Carol of the Bells," and "Angels We Have Heard on High"]. I'll need to get some Tarja Turunen, let's see, folky but stuff full of spirit--Flogging Molly, and Dropkick Murpies, I'll see what Sarah Brightman has, metal=snow=Scandanavians!

Remind me to get my Invader Zim Christmas episode out.

And the pills are kicking in because I notice the sleepy feeling AND I misspell more than usual, which is a rarity. [Don't worry--Ispell-checked it]

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Return of the Queen.


No, ahem. Just been caught up with all the other websites and health stuff and school.

So! Item of business number one: My father is running against Mike Winder for WVC Mayor and it's been crazy on the war front. Every space is occupied with papers, maps, signs, and now buttons. I'm lactose-intolerant, so sorry Winder, but you can keep your tasty udder juice to yourself! Did you know there's pus in milk anyway and the FDA regulates how much can be allowed? But there's 11% bugs in chocolate or something, too...

Anyway, I don't really pay attention to politics, so be it dictator or anarchy, as long as I can sleep in, I'm ambivilent. Ambivilent, of course, meaning that Winder is a Weinie.

Item of business number two: I had my procedure done. Here's the account:

"I woke up and couldn't eat anything except clear fluids until midnight. I mostly had vegetable broth and jello. Instead of drinking a gallon of stuff called "Trilyte," I got the pill version. Four large, salty pills every fifteen minutes five times that evening and then four times at 5:oo in the morning [arg!]. And each time I had to drink 8 ounces. After the third time, you start getting sick of force-feeding yourself pills and water. I could feel them in my stomach bubbling.

So less than an hour after my first dose, I was running back and forth out of the bathroom faster than you could say "food poisoning." And after two hours you think "There can't possibly be anything left in my intestines!" but there is. Another two hours. I was starving and I couldn't eat and the cranberry juice I had didn't quench my thirst. I think it's what having your water break feels like. But every thirty seconds and out your rear, hah.

Went to bed. Lousy sleep. At 5:oo AM my mum came in to start the cleansing pills over again, but this time I could only drink the required 8 ounces for the pills. I was so frakking dehydrated-I could feel it. And my veins had disappeared [usually phlebotamists compliment me on such plump, protruding veins I have].

We got to the surgery center at 8:30. Did a little paperwork. Sat for a minute, and then I was called back by a teeny nurse. I was shown to a bathroom where I could change into a hospital gown [I can never get those right], put my stuff in a bag, and give a urine sample. WELL I couldn't give a sample because of how dehydrated I had to be for the whole thing. It was only a required pregnancy test and they said, and I quote, "All we need is a meager four or five drops." Bah! I couldn't. Too dehydrated.

So I was shown my bed and they brought in my mum when they put in the IV because I don't do well with needles. Especially those ones. I was surprised they'd be putting it in my hand because all the past ones have been in my arms. Took a long time-they had to smack the veins a lot to make them pop out. And then "You're gonna feel a stick." More like a tree. It bloody hurt! And then they pushed it in another inch! And it was taped so many times it looked like I was dying or something. When the fluids started dripping [water with elecrolytes and potassium, basically Gatorade without sugar or flavor], it felt like my arm was being flayed open with a salty, cold piece of metal. It was a tiny bag of fluid-like the size of a Capri Sun. And they kept asking me when I thought I'd be ready to produce a urine sample, but wasn't it obvious other organs needed those two tablespoons of fluid before taking a piss? So I asked them to up the ante. And after nearly an hour, I was able to produce those "four or five meager drops." I was so thirsty.

After that we waited for a while. I guess the man on the other side of the curtain was before me, so when he finally got wheeled out [the doctor was twenty minutes late], it meant only twenty or thirty minutes before my turn.

Then they came to get me, wheeled me in a room, where I saw a television screen and was able to see where the camera was sitting on the table.

And then a nurse pulled out a giant syringe of anesthesia. She told me it would burn a little. Burned a LOT. It was thick stuff she pumped in-it looked like Elmer's glue. So I just turned into my pillow with these annoying oxygen nose tubes saying, "OW. OW. OW. OW."

And then I woke up in the recovery room what felt like hours later but was only twenty minutes. I wanted to sleep, but I wanted to pretend I was more alert than I really was, so I forced myself to stay awake by asking questions. The procedure went fine and everything looks normal. They took the biopsies and sent them off. I don't know when I get the results. They gave me some orange juice and proved my thirst by chugging it down. And then I got my IV taken out [along with plenty of arm hair], got dressed, and had my mum drive to Barnes & Noble because I wanted a caprise sandwich and Jones soda, after which, I went to bed for four hours.

Now I'm just catching up on rehydration and stuff. I lost five pounds overnight from those pills. Juice, juice, juice. "

Item of business number three: The final art assignment. We have to do a graphite looking at ourselves in a mirror. And you can't do it all in one go. You have to do the points and the midline and triangulation before you even thing of rounding the edges. We were suggested to draw a midline down the mirror so we can line up our heads each time. And then we have to put two sheets of tracing paper over, one for the skull and the other for the muscles. "Hey Mom! I drew a picture of myself without skin! Put it on the fridge!"

I think that's it for now. Cheerio.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Last month in review.

I haven't been able to blog much lately. It's been a busy month.

Micaela J. Johnson
Micaela Jaquetta Johnson, 17, passed away May 14, 2009 in West Valley City, Utah.Born July 8, 1991 in Salt Lake City, Utah, daughter of Michael Todd and Cathy Noyes Johnson. Micaela was full of life, energetic and sometimes a little goofy. She had a way of making us all laugh and usually got out of trouble by looking at you with those big beautiful eyes. When she was younger, she was involved in baseball and was invited to sing at the Joseph Smith Center with the Children's Primary Choir. Mickey was very smart and enjoyed many things including spending time with her friends, drawing, writing poetry and frequently changing her hair color and style. She will be missed very, very much by her family and everyone that had the opportunity to know her. Survived by her parents; siblings: Merintha (Melvin) Batty, Chad Johnson, Caitlin Johnson; grandmothers: Mamie Noyes, Janice Johnson and Nancy Johnson; nephew, Hunter Batty. Preceded in death by brother, Benjamin Todd Johnson; grand-fathers: Wells Noyes and John Johnson; cousin, Michael Noyes. Funeral services will be held Tuesday, May 19, 2009, 12:00 noon at McDougal Funeral Home, 4330 South Redwood Road where a viewing will be held Monday, from 6-8 p.m. and Tuesday, from 11-11:45 a.m. prior to services. Interment, Valley View Memorial Park.

Second friend of mine to commit suicide in two years.

"Today was Micaela's viewing and funeral. I wish some of the people put an effort to dress nice-some guy tripped because his pants were so baggy. Or at least not smoke in the parking lot. It was at the McDougal funeral home. It was kind of dim inside. I didn't have to wait for very long before I saw her. Maybe it was the lighting, but the undertaker or whoever did a better job on Sam than her. She looked mottled, like a bruise. Kind of greenish and veiny. I'm sure she would have liked black swirls around her eyes and stuff at least.Some lady behind us had her phone go off three times. THREE. My fingers were itching to take the phone and and stomp it, and then people would cheer or something.I liked her coffin and the flower arrangement. Black coffin with silver handles, red roses topped with a black bow. Very gothic. That's a bit of a cliche-we goths liking our gothic coffins, haha. And on the inside of the coffin there was a purple Celtic knot-the triangle representing the Trinity intertwined-she wore a smaller version on a necklace a lot.It was a short funeral-like 45 minutes. One of the songs played was Evanescence's "My Immortal." She liked Evanescence a lot.I've been feeling like I've been getting a cold. All the pollen caking to one side of the car doesn't help. So I didn't go to the burial. Maybe Memorial Day weekend, I'll visit her and Sam."

I started school. I only have one class and that's figure drawing. Very expensive in the book department. And with all the supplies, there's a lot to carry. After my first real class I took a shower and thought I had some sort of rash on my collarbone and shoulder-it looked like lots of tiny red and purple kisses but then I realized it was bruises from my bag. Good thing there aren't terribly big veins around there. I also drew from my first nude model, which was peachy keen. Just like drawing a still life or something-I'm not sure how it bothers people. We mostly drew dots and lines, trying to find centers of alignment and stuff.

My sister came down with the flu [the same group the Swine is in] and my dad with bronchitis, which has now been accompanied by the flu. So they're wearing masks and we have a bunch [but not enough in my opinion]of disinfective wipes. So I've put myself under quarantine and have remained in my room for the most part, wearing a mask when I go out and wiping everything before and after I touch it. Paranoid? No. I've been hospitalized by some sort of fast-striking flu before and that made me want to go Kevorkian. I can't afford to get sick again. My immune system [and my brain]couldn't take it. So I'm suspicious of every ache and pain and sneeze I have.

I dyed my hair red-Ronald McDonald red-again and I looked like a cancer patient with my face mask and then a plastic bag around my head. My mum took a picture on her phone of me because I looked like a biohazard.
Saw X-Men Origins and Terminator: Salvation. Both were pretty good, but I I saw previews which looked more interesting--District 9 with PETER JACKSON! When Josh and I were seeing X-Men and the preview came on, Josh was like, "I'm up to date on all the things in the movie world-why haven't I heard of this?!" as I squealed when they said Peter Jackson. I thought at first it was some documentary on South Africa and the racism and stuff, but then you see this giant ship floating like a necropolis over a town. And the interview with the alien [it has a mouth like Shelob, just for the record]. Oh man.

And I have yet to see the preview in theaters but many a time on youtube, HARRY POTTER und der HALF BLOOD PRINCE. I'm trying to convince Josh it'll be a cool movie by referring to Inferi as zombies.
Well, off to go get some food while fighting bacteria [did you know your kitchen and bathroom are the filthiest places in your house?].

Saturday, April 25, 2009

"You're so easy to read but the book is boring me."

I think my Jamba Juice was spiked, but being so tolerant to sedatives, have recognized this and refuse to let my lethargy win. Plus it'd throw off my whole chronic fatigue schedule and we can't have that, now can we?

Not really, but I am unusually tired. And I swear I got a giant zit within exactly 43 minutes because it wasn't there earlier.
I went to the library today [one of my few outings these days] squealing to see the double disc special edition of Emilie Autumn's Opheliac
waiting for me. I also found Celtic Woman and two books-one picture book of Frankenstein's wedding [I saw the artwork and had to get it] and the other was about children's book illustration.

In other news, for several weeks my insides have not been cooperative and I suspect being lactose intolerant, athough gluten intolerancy runs in the family. What if it were soy? All my imitation-meat products would be gone! What would I eat? I shall be getting tested soon. Let us hope for mere stomach ulcers.

Some of the other Scalpel SL,UTs are getting together this week to do a costumed photoshoot-with a very talented makeup artist, may I add. As in dreadlocks, stitches, and the most important-covering blemishes that have been attacking me of late. It should be really fun; I look forward to it.

Also working on a pair of bloomers.

Typhoid out.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Twas my birthday.

I was sick, sore, and tired on my birthday, as expected, so it was a low key birthday.

Sir Barlow, my cello, being my main gift I picked out a few weeks ago, meant that there wasn't going to be much more, which is fine by me. I can't wait for my arm to stop hurting so I can get back to playing Barlow.

But I did get some stuff: chapstick [always needed], black nail polish [can't have too much], the Encyclopedia Horrifica, Halloween socks that will replace my old holey Halloween socks, two strawberry daquiri Sobes, notecards, a necklace, a book about the IQ of your cat, some money and cards from the relatives, two shirts and a pair of pants [I'll be exchanging the pants and one of the shirts], and my late Christmas present/birthday present of a picture of me, Elise, and Megan doing a night photo at camp on a decorated mount and two cans of Pringles.

The next day, Scott decided to throw a split birthday party for Garret and me. I brought Serenity because both us birthday kiddos like it. We had an abundance of chips, doughnuts, and soda. We got sung to and had tortilla chips to blow out. I mellowed on the couch as I always do, but it was a fun shindig.

Yesterday I used a birthday present at Barnes and Noble to get Rammstein's Live Aus Berlin album, which had the same price as the three other Rammstein albums, but had more songs, so I figured I was getting more bang for my buck [kudos to me for being economical]. And I also got a book about female serial killers-it's very interesting. I wouldn't mind being a criminal psychologist or something.

And I am unusally tired. End transmission.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Birthday Prophecy...

I turn 19 on April 9, 2009. Flip that upside down and it's 6-6-6. And I thought it was cool when I turned 9 on April 9, 1999. I was thinking of fulfilling the Book of Revelation [I was actually watching a show about how the castastrophies could be timed natural disasters yesterday] but we're on the road to that already by ourselves.

I already got my main present because I had to pick it out-my cello. I still haven't named it yet-I'm thinking Barlow. But being sick and in a great deal of pain, I haven't been able to mess around on it the last week, let alone get into checking out teacher referrals.

Aside from waking at 2:15ish this morning and not going back to sleep [mania?], being sick, and being in pain, I was getting into one of our crappy reclining chairs and somehow made my knee go askew so it hurts to bend the joint.

So I likely won't be doing anything tomorrow.


I've been up since 2:15 or so. I don't remember if I had a dream or just woke up. And I can't get back to sleep and likely won't because of my sleep schedule. And I don't want to take any more pills. I've been saying that last one since I was twelve.

I've been ill lately and went to instacare again and after a twenty minute breathing, x-rays, and tests, it is confirmed that I don't have anything. I feel crappy all the time-I know when something's unusually crappy and warrants some looking in to. My oxygen level was in the low 90s, suggesting something like pneumonia, hence the breathing treatment and x-rays, which appeared to have something and then nothing. I wasn't in there for my lungs anyway. It was the pain, the nausea, the fevers, the antibiotics that weren't treating my sinus infection and if the pills were making me sick.

So two and a half hours later, it was determined I didn't have anything. You'd think a person like me would be relieved not to have anything, but something's in my system and I can feel it, pissing me off.

They gave me some anti-nausea medication and some pills that should make my last sinus infection pill work better by making "things open up."

It makes me think of the time Bryan told me he went to the doctor for heartburn and they sent him out saying he had a bladder infection and he said, "No, up here!" Ha.

Let's see if it gets worse, but either way I will be sick on my birthday tomorrow. Whooo.